Azale Vrandel-Nevra
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Nar Shaddaa


3691 BBY / 48 BC1

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Sarah Longstride
Andraea Longstride


Jedi Order

Known apprentices

Kelin Vicor
Tsel'rati Nevra


Personality and TraitsEdit

"Kindly sit down and shut up, Master Din. The adults are talking."
~Azale, during one of many moments leading to her demotion
Azale Vrandel: She's far too old, Grand Master. You also realize if you try to take her you'll die, right?
Satele Shan: Are you threatening us, Master Vrandel?
Azale Vrandel: You could kill me easily and you know it, Grand Master. No, that wasn't a threat.
Bela Kiwiiks: Then what are you saying, Azale?
Azale Vrandel: Do not go after my daughter. You will likely get there faster than I will, so you will not face me. You will, however, face an entire city block full of people trained to fight Jedi and Sith. Some are Force sensitive, some are not, but all of them will kill to protect one of their own from being kidnapped.
Orgus Din: And what makes you think they'll succeed?
Azale Vrandel: You already met my daughters, Din. One shot you in the back, and the other tried to brain you with a mouse droid. They were children. What do you think the adults who trained them are capable of?
Satele Shan: So you have deceived us once already, Master Vrandel?
Azale Vrandel: Yes, and I will do so again, as often as I must, to protect my family and my clan.
Satele Shan: What clan?
Azale Vrandel: The Nevras, Grand Master. My family and my clan come first, always.
Satele Shan: Then I have no choice. By the will of this Council, you may no longer claim the title of Jedi Master. We cannot strip you of your training or of your completion of your trials, so you will remain a Knight of this Order.
Azale Vrandel: As you say, Grand Master. May I go now?
Orgus Din: Where?
Azale Vrandel: Home, Master Din, so that I don't do something I'll actually regret.
~Azale Vrandel in the meeting of the Jedi Council that finalized her demotion to Knight

Powers and AbilitiesEdit