Chlöe Ficher
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3,658 BBY

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Light Brown

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Samuel Ficher


Jedi Order
Grand Army of the Republic
421st Battalion
CMC Squad

Known masters

Liana Onasi

Chlöe Ficher is the daughter of Imperial Agent Samuel Ficher. She serves both the Jedi Order and the Grand Army of the Republic.


Chlöe Ficher was born in 3,658 BBY to Samuel Ficher. When she was 6, the Jedi Order took her in and began training her in the ways of the Jedi. Unfortunately, she never got too far into her training as the Jedi Masters realized that although Chlöe had potential, she could never advance in the skills past a padawan. So instead, the order taught her in melee combat. When she was 18, she enlisted in the Grand Army of the Republic and put her skills to good use to be one of the first Jedi/Trooper hybrids. There Chlöe would continue her training in both the Jedi melee arts as well as how to command a squadron.

Many times, Samuel Ficher would contact the Republic on the condition and safety of his daughter. Acting as a mole for the Republic in the Imperial Intelligence, Liana Onasi recruited Chlöe into the 421st to make sure Fichers' daughter was safe, and to help continue her training.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Chlöe is one of the few Jedi capable of wearing a Power Armor. She was given the Mark 1 "Outcast Armor" like most Fool's Luck recruits. She also prefers a Vibrosword in combat instead of the traditional Jedi Lightsaber for both deception towards the enemies thinking she's just another Trooper instead of a Jedi, as well as her lack of practice and confidence in using a Lightsaber. Though she always has one clipped to her belt just in case.


Samuel Ficher - Father

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This character has not appeared in any other campaigns.

Character Inspired ByEdit

Chlöe's original concept came about the fact that Jedi Guardians and Troopers could both wear heavy armor, and that the Outcast Armor could be worn by both classes. The concept went even further when it would be funny if a Jedi would look head to toe like a Trooper in PvP to throw off the enemy. And thus, Chlöe was created. She was originally named Chié, but the character was scrapped and renamed Chlöe when it was established that she was Sam's daughter. The rest of Chlöe's background would be based off the character Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, but personallity wise be based off of Chie Satonaka from Persona 4.

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