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Hunter "RAM" Ramsey
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Hunter "RAM" Ramsey is the companion of Samuel Ficher during his freelancer days. He acts as Sam's quartermaster, gadget developer, slicer, anaylist, and mission handler. He is usually called by his nickname RAM, which stands for Random Access Memory.


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Also Seen InEdit

Star Trek: Online

Hunter Ramsey

Cmd. Hunter Ramsey - STO

Commander Hunter Thomas Ramsey is the Chief Engineer on board the U.S.S. Skidmark. He is portrayed as a hotshot kid who rose his way up through the ranks due to his unorthodox methods and "miracle worker" results. His hobby is history and when not jury rigging a plasma conduit or overclocking engine performance, he is hitting books on ancient civilizations, whether it's about Earth or other species.

Unfortunately because of his age, Hunter has an issue with the chain of command and will typically say exactly what's on his mind about an order given or the current situation. At one time he punched a Federation Ambassador who tampered with the engines almost destroying the Skidmark. Not only was the Ambassador's nose broken, but so was Hunter's hand. Hunter has been charged on several occassions with insubordination and disobeying a superior officer, but none of the charges have stuck. This is mainly due to his Captain having the utmost faith in his skills and more than once saving the Skidmark from certain doom.

Hunter is also engaged to Lieutennant Ruth Jae, the ships Helmsman.

Character Inspired ByEdit

Hunter was originally inspired by another RP character (Blake Johnson from the Dresdan Files RPG) and Montgomery Scott from Star Trek

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