Loyd marr
Master Loyd Marr
Biographical Information

3673 BBY / 30 BC1

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Jedi Order

Known apprentices

Seeha Onasi

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Dragon Age RPGEdit

Lloyd was originally conceived for the d20 Dragon Age RP. His concept was originally to be a mage. However Lloyd lacked the skills of any mage, such as casting lightning and hurling fireballs. Instead the only magic he could use was to unlock doors, chests, and anything else that would have a key lock. He was forced to join the Grey Wardens to save his own neck from the Circle of Magi (who wanted to make him tranquil) and the Templars (who wanted to kill him) because of his unorthodox methods of using magic.


Lloyd is a thief in the Earthdawn campaign and speaks with a British accent. He is a bit of a klepto and has a weird personality of always entering through the left, whether that be the left door or the left window. He tries to be the best at being stealthy, and once was able to walk through the middle of a skirmish and into the captain's quarters of an enemy skyship.

Character Inspired ByEdit

Loyd Marr was originally not inspired by any person or fictional character. However, events that have happened during the Jedi Consular's storyline have made Loyd be the equivilant of Gordon Ramsay.

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