The Esseles is a simulation mission programmed by Major Wade Reynells, Master Kelin Vicor, and Captain Zedd Ovredis designed to both train and test new recruits to the 421st Battalion.

In Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Esseles is the first flashpoint players can participate in.

Designing the SimulationEdit


Ceoh Onasi, Merlu Neuton, and Padawan Jintoro running the Esseles simulation mission

The members of the 421st needed a way to screen and test their new recruits. With help, Major Reynells, Master Vicor, and Captain Ovredis designed a training simulation program based off of previous missions members of the Special Forces had encountered before. The simulation was designed as a test of character, to see how potential members of the 421st reacted during tense situations. Several situations would be presented to the recruits that required decisions based on the individuals morals. There was no right or wrong way to complete the simulation.

Cast of CharactersEdit

Each main individual within the Esseles simulation was designed off of someone either Major Reynells, Master Vicor, and Captain Ovredis knew or had encountered during their career.

  • Ambassador Asara - Based off of an ambassador Major Reynells and Master Vicor had worked with. Her character was further developed by suggestions from Master Kylah Onasi, whose mother was a Republic Senator and had worked with similar ambassadors.
  • First Officer Harkin - Modeled after Master Vicor's brother, Karhin Vicor. Karhin was not amused upon learning this.
  • Commander Narlock - Created and named by Major Reynells, just so he could tell new recruits to go find Commander Narlock in the airlock with a mynock in a headlock.
  • Grand Moff Rycus Kilran - Based off of a real Grand Moff in the Imperial Navy.
  • Chief Engineer Salen - Based off of an engineer Major Reynells once worked with.
  • Ironfist - Based off of a Mandalorian mercenary Captain Ovredis once met.
  • Vokk - Based off of a stereotypical Sith Master Vicor had been trained to defeat.

Running the SimulationEdit

Normal ModeEdit

Advanced ModeEdit

Advanced Mode, or Hard Mode, was created by Major Reynells for the senior members of the 421st to practice. The first few incarnations of Advanced Mode, however, proved to be unbeatable. Major Reynells toned down some of the virtual enemies, making the fights more challenging rather than impossible. Only senior members within the 421st are allowed to run the simulation in Advanced Mode.